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Here is Maria. I help people to escape their anxious, overthinking minds.
Working with the body, breath, and mind to help participants feeling more calm and relaxed.
Be less worried about the future.
Be less critical of the past.
So that they can experience the joy of a quiet mind and a relaxed body.

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Next 8 group classes cycle start the week of 30.10.23 until 20.12.23. Register or get informed:

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“A wandering mind is an unhappy mind and the average adult spends 47% of his/her awake time not paying attention to what they are doing“
Richard Davidson (Neuroscientist)

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Learn to meditate in 5 weeks


This course offers a good foundation and support for busy people to learn easily and step-by-step the method of meditation. At the end you will be able to create a daily meditation practice at home. 
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What to expect

Reconnect to your body and feel more calm
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What students say

Maria's yoga classes are an excellent mix of meditation, pranayama and vinyasa flow that give you inner energy and peacefulness. She's a very good teacher, kind and attentive as well as very professional. I absolutely recommend her! 
— Chiara
Maria is a great teacher, with much patience and encouragement. What makes her classes special is that they go at a measured pace but still push you to explore your limits and to expand those limits, while also taking the time to teach the underlying philosophy behind yoga, its history and evolution over time. I strongly recommend her classes!
— Stewart
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