Discover the wellness offers for corporates.

Imagine working for a company where joy and friendliness were the norm...
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I have a dream. A vision in which people smile on their way to work and feel connected to the company's goals and principles. They see their work as innovative, exciting, and beneficial to others.
Today, it may sound like an utopian dream, but I have seen organizations and teams work with such a flexible schedule, inviting creativity, excellence, and trust, so that employees were more relaxed, cheered at their jobs, and had time to enjoy life at work.

Offers for Corporate

Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one.

Office yoga classes – Group yoga classes

Yoga or meditation sessions are held seconds away from your office desk in conference rooms or lobby areas. Eliminating the need to commute saves time, money and head space

Mindfulness at Work Course – Group Meditation at the Office

Learn the method of meditation. The goal is to create a good foundation and support for your daily meditation. 

Unplug to recharge course – Rest and restore gentle practice

Practicing the art of doing nothing

On-demand courses - Online library of courses organised by themes

Convenient. Practice yoga and meditation wherever you are, when you can. 

Private Sessions

Sometimes the people who most need these practices are not even tuning in to the emails about wellbeing at work. What to do?  Maybe a convenient 1:1 class can be organised in their office.  

What do students say

Great! Maria succeeded in making us forget the pressure and the hectic pace of our days to recharge our batteries and escape for an hour. She is very educational and friendly and knows how to mix different levels and satisfy all expectations. I highly recommend her!
Maria est extra ! Ses cours sont adaptés à tous les niveaux. Grâce à sa pédagogie, j'ai pu évoluer et sentir un vrai bénéfice à l'issu des séances. Je recommande à 100%

 Cyrielle K.
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Meet the teacher

Maria Miguel Ribeiro

The focus of my job is to help people rediscover the joy of a state of calm and relaxation. By practicing yoga, I rediscovered the carefree happiness and contentment of my early childhood. For over a decade, I've been teaching techniques for body, breath, and mind that help people feel more connected to their source. The practice of meditation fascinates and inspires me, and I take great joy in imparting what I have learned to others.
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